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Types of Corner Bet and the Best Winning Tips

Corner bets are highly sought after by players due to their potential for high winning chances. The gameplay is straightforward, making it easy to combine with various other bet types. To accurately analyze corner bets, players need to equip themselves with knowledge and experience, as shared by daily record football tips 

What is a Corner Bet?

A corner bet, also known as a corners bet, involves predicting the number of corner kicks during a match rather than the match outcome or the number of goals scored. This type of live betting requires focusing on how many corner kicks each team will execute.

In addition to the total number of corners, bets can be related to which team will take the first or last corner kick. Different types of bets are offered depending on the match or tournament.

Though not a primary bet type, corner bets attract many players due to their simplicity and higher winning odds compared to other bet types. Players can engage in corner bets at various points during a match, selecting multiple bets to increase their chances of winning.

Common Types of Corner Bets

Similar to other football bets, corner bets offer various options for players:

Total Corners (Over/Under): Predict whether the total number of corners will be over or under a specified number set by the bookmaker.

Asian Handicap Corners: Here, corners are handicapped similarly to Asian handicap betting in football, adjusting odds based on the number of corners a team is expected to win.

First and Last Corner: Predict which team will take the first or last corner kick in the match.

Even/Odd Corners: Bet on whether the total number of corners in a match will be an even or odd number.

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Tips for Successful Corner Betting

Corner betting often involves a degree of luck, but players can minimize risks and enhance their chances of winning by following these tips:

Gather Team Performance Data: Consider factors such as lineup changes, head-to-head statistics, and historical corner kicks to gauge team form and potential corner opportunities.

Choose Teams with Strong Attackers: Teams with strong attacking capabilities often earn more corner kicks as they press for goals.

Match Analysis: Analyze matches thoroughly before placing bets, relying on informed decisions rather than intuition.

Utilize Physical Advantages: Teams with tall players often exploit set-piece situations like corners more effectively.

Consider Match Context: Stronger teams typically force weaker opponents to defend more aggressively, resulting in more corner opportunities.

Early Match Dynamics: Expect more corners early in each half as teams tend to start matches energetically.

Avoid Impulsive Betting: Focus on the number of corners rather than the match outcome, ensuring a strategic approach to betting.

Participate in Betting Communities: Engage in forums and betting groups to exchange tips and learn from experienced bettors.

Manage Betting Funds: Allocate funds wisely across different bet types to mitigate losses and maximize potential wins.corner betting offers a unique opportunity for football enthusiasts to engage in dynamic and strategic wagering. Unlike traditional match outcome bets, corner bets focus on specific in-game events, providing a refreshing alternative for players looking to diversify their betting strategies. The simplicity of predicting corner kicks combined with various betting options like Asian Handicap Corners and First/Last Corner bets makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced bettors.

To excel in corner betting, players should leverage detailed team analysis, historical data, and match dynamics to make informed decisions. By following these guidelines and staying disciplined in their betting approach, individuals can enhance their chances of success. Ultimately, corner betting not only adds excitement to watching football matches but also offers a pathway to potentially lucrative rewards through astute prediction and strategic wagering.

In conclusion, corner betting presents a compelling avenue for football enthusiasts to explore diverse betting opportunities beyond traditional match outcomes. Its straightforward nature, coupled with a range of betting options such as total corners, Asian Handicap Corners, and first/last corner predictions, appeals to both novice and seasoned bettors alike.

To excel in corner betting, it's crucial for bettors to arm themselves with comprehensive team and match data. Factors such as team tactics, player form, and historical performance in corner kicks play pivotal roles in making informed betting decisions. By adopting a strategic approach and utilizing available resources like forums and betting communities, individuals can enhance their ability to predict corner outcomes effectively.

Overall, corner betting not only enhances the excitement of football viewing but also offers a platform for bettors to apply analytical skills and tactical acumen. Whether for casual enjoyment or serious betting strategy, mastering corner betting can lead to rewarding experiences and potentially profitable outcomes in the realm of sports wagering.


Mastering corner betting involves understanding the dynamics of corner kicks and making informed decisions based on team performance and match context. By following these strategies and the  betting tips group on telegram  new and seasoned players alike can increase their chances of success in corner betting. For more detailed strategies and insights, refer to Bongdalu's comprehensive guide on corner betting strategies.


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