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Empower your life. Invest in yourself and speak that inner voice into existence.. "Find out what you do best and do your best at it." Motivational books you will love.

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Closed Mouths Don't Eat

Wantreprneur vs Womanpreneur:

Which Are You?


            This isn’t just a book, it’s healing and a way for me to connect to people just like me and empower them to see their vision to not only better their life but also be resourceful with what they currently have.


This is an inspirational project that led me to capture the daily walks of life when all odds were against me. My book takes you inside the mind of a young disillusioned teenager who breaks away from the everyday norm where labels are given and prejudices are held against you. These words will not only touch the lives of young adults who are facing some of similar struggles today but also touch women who have had many stepping stones set before them causing them to come out of the race as entrepreneurs.


I want to show Business minded, strong motivated, over achieving woman whom can set a pattern as to how to take what life throws at you and feed off of it, otherwise closed mouths don't eat.


2 yrs ago I drove 3000 miles, 47 hours and 42 minutes across the country in order to make my dreams come true, I succeeded when I took that first leap of faith. So nothing will stop me now from showing others that they can do the same. So In closing, I going to leave you with this: Invest in yourself and speak into existence that inner voice, you might just ignite the Womanprenuer inside of you.”

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