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Wantreprenuer vs Womanprenuer

“I am who I am today, because of the choices I made yesterday” –Eleanor Roosevelt.

I live by this quote daily. Have you ever just sat back and looked at your life and said to yourself, there has to be more to this, I have so much more to offer. Well guess what you are probably right, but you have to find your way. This is your cue that you are going in the wrong direction. Don't let this moment define you and continue to be thrown off course. You have to decide, am I a wantreprenuer or a womanprenuer? Figure out what you don't want to do that way you can sort through your options of what you do want to do. Now you need to look at what you do best and take that and run. And guess what, if that fails, you did not fail, you just find out what you can do next to get you to where you want to be.

Just in case you are unsure which one you are, allow me to break it down. As a wantreprenuer you are someone that wants. You want to be a business owner, you want to be free and want to do something different you just don't know how or where to begin. In this case you will have to learn first hand or surround yourself with someone who can show you. You are seeking motivation, direction and help.

Or are you a womanprenuer? Someone who innovates or introduces new things, ideas, finance or business, in an effort to transform the world around you. Womanprenuers live by the act of doing because they are driven by passion and listen to that inner voice.

The way to overcome and an easy break down of how you can get from that want to actual doing, is to start by Visualizing your life in 5, 10, 20 years from now. What do you see? Make a list of what you pictured, why you want those things, and how you can accomplish it. Now put a plan into motion and ask yourself what is the next right move. Take your list everywhere you go and make it visible. Find you a mentor and prepare yourself for trial and error. But know that there is no such thing as a mistake. It is a lesson learned. Don't lose focus or spend to much time and energy on trying to start your legacy and make it perfect versus focusing on the gift you have to give. Lastly, get you a routine, make it a habit to do something everyday, no matter how big or small. And remember you can do it and you are miraculous.

A powerful quote by Maya Angelou that you should remember, is that when you step into a room as one you stand as 10,000. Represent and show woman you have made it. Not only as an entrepreneur but as a woman that started a process to own your life. You are not just doing but you are being the best you.

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