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"Today I'm proud! I'm officially halfway to my weight loss goal! I'm down in numerous inches and a few dress sizes. On Nov. 9th, 2018, I decided to give the products another try. I'm using the multi-vitamin drink mix and #ByeByeBelly mix mainly, but also the detox tea some of the time. I've started intermittent fasting, and clean eating and lots of walking with my Fitbit. So far I've lost 17kg altogether! So now it's time for me to work on the second half toward my ultimate goal. I know I'm going get there, I'm determined to!" -Catherine B. 2/7/19 #ByeByeBelly!


Andrew E.

"This was the first Christmas season that I haven't gained weight! Instead I lost 2.6 lbs through the holidays, bringing my weight down a total of 74.4 lbs in 145 days without exercise! Thank you #ByeByeBelly! 2019 is gonna be an awesome year! I feel great, I have tons of energy, and I no longer need to drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks when driving!" - Andrew E.  #ByeByeBelly!


Our Story

#ByeByeBelly was created and formulated in 2016. My name is Shentile Wilson and I’m a health and wellness coach. But I wasn’t always. Having lost a child to premature labor and medical issues, I’ve struggled on the rollercoaster of maintaining my desired weight due to side effects from taking medication, dieting, emotional eating, and feeling defeated every time I tried to stick with something. As I started my transition to more holistic and natural foods, a friend introduced me to #ByeByeBelly. The #ByeByeBelly formula changed everything for me! Within 5 days time, I lost 7 pounds and gained confidence in knowing that I can actually do this.

What makes #ByeByeBelly formula so effective is that it actually stops your sugar cravings, curbs your appetite and desire for food, increases your energy level AND makes every part of your body feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Once I paired the flat belly fat burning drink mix with the detox tea and superfoods mix, it felt like I had a brand new body. The weight just started falling off. I no longer craved junk food, I stopped the emotional eating, and I really started to just come alive.

Conquering this beast of weight loss has helped me in every area of my life. I have more energy and I’m much happier. I feel invincible! And, you can, too!!

Order your kit today and when it arrives, do like I did - set a reminder on your phone for twice a day, every day! Your future self will thank you for it!

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