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Veliko Dvoriste Stevan

Veliko dvoriste stevan

Veliko dvorište (The Big Yard) is a collection of short stories by Stevan Raičković, one of the most prominent Serbian poets and writers of the 20th century. The stories are based on his childhood memories of growing up in a small town in Vojvodina, a region in northern Serbia, during the Second World War. The stories are written in a simple and lyrical style, with elements of fantasy and fairy tale, reflecting the innocence and imagination of a child's perspective.


Stevan Raičković was born in 1928 in Negotin, a town near the border with Romania. He moved with his family to Senta, a town in Vojvodina, where he spent most of his childhood. He started writing poetry at the age of 17 and published his first collection of poems, Detinjstvo (Childhood), in 1950. He studied at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and worked as an editor for various publishing houses. He was also a translator of Russian poetry, including Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak, and others. He was elected as a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1972. He died in 2007 in Belgrade.

The collection Veliko dvorište was first published in 1974 and consists of 12 stories: Veliko dvorište (The Big Yard), Kuća na kraju sela (The House at the End of the Village), Priča o zelenom konju (The Story of the Green Horse), Priča o crvenom zmaju (The Story of the Red Dragon), Priča o plavom leptiru (The Story of the Blue Butterfly), Priča o žutom cvetu (The Story of the Yellow Flower), Priča o belom oblaku (The Story of the White Cloud), Priča o crnoj ptici (The Story of the Black Bird), Priča o srebrnom jezeru (The Story of the Silver Lake), Priča o zlatnoj jabuci (The Story of the Golden Apple), Priča o ljubičastoj zvezdi (The Story of the Purple Star), and Priča o sivom kamenu (The Story of the Gray Stone).

The stories are set in a big yard that belongs to the narrator's grandfather, where he spends his summers with his cousins and friends. The yard is full of trees, flowers, animals, and objects that inspire the children's imagination and adventures. The stories often involve magical transformations, such as a horse turning into a dragon, a butterfly becoming a fairy, a cloud turning into a castle, or a stone becoming a jewel. The stories also deal with themes such as friendship, love, courage, loyalty, curiosity, and wonder. The stories are sometimes interrupted by the harsh reality of war, such as bombings, shootings, or hunger, but they always end with a hopeful note.

The collection is considered one of the masterpieces of Serbian literature for children and adults alike. It has been translated into several languages and adapted into various media forms, such as radio dramas, TV shows, movies, and musicals. The collection is also part of the school curriculum in Serbia and other countries.

If you want to read more about Stevan Raičković and his works, you can visit these websites: [Delfi knjižare], [Goodreads], or [Knjižara Roman].


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