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Where To Buy A Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly should be used to carry heavy cargo, often up to 1,000 lbs. Most furniture dollies are flat platforms, with four wheels. They may also be called a moving dolly. The platform area may be covered in carpet to cushion the furniture and prevent scuffing. Furniture dollies make it easy to move large couches, shelving units, chairs and more. But, they do have some disadvantages. There is no lever or lifting mechanism, so you will need some manpower to lift your item onto the dolly. These dollies are not suitable for staircases.

where to buy a furniture dolly

A pushcart dolly also called a platform hand truck, is similar to a furniture dolly. However, this dolly features the addition of a handle to allow for easier maneuvering and steering. The handle on the pushcart can increase the amount of control you have over your load, and reduce the chance of bumping into walls and other furniture while you navigate a room. Pushcart dollies may not be appropriate for some large and wide items, such as couches, that need to be balanced across the center of the platform. A heavy-duty push cart dolly may cost more than a furniture dolly, which is typically the most inexpensive type of dolly.

The traditional hand truck, also called a utility dolly, maybe the image that comes to mind for most people when they think of a dolly. Hand trucks are L-shaped moving dollies with an upright handle, two wheels, and a small ledge on which to set your cargo. The hand truck dolly is popular for its all-purpose versatility. Simply tilt the item you wish to move and slide the dolly underneath. Then, tilt the hand truck back until the weight is balanced over the wheels and walk forward. Hand trucks come in several different weights, so do your research before selecting one for your job. Folding hand truck dollies can be convenient for storage or stashing in your car. However, the folding hand trucks are also lightweight and may not be appropriate for heavier loads. Heavy-duty hand trucks can move an item that is 1,000 lbs or greater.

This 2-in-1 dolly can transform from a traditional hand truck into a pushcart. While 2-in-1 dollies can cost a bit more than other options, they are perfect for jobs where versatility is required. And, they take up less room in your garage than storing multiple dollies.

At first glance, an appliance dolly may look a lot like a regular hand truck or utility dolly. Appliance dollies feature straps to help secure and protect your bulky item. Many appliance dolly also commonly feature an additional handhold to help with steadying the load and moving on an incline. This dolly is the right choice for moving washers, dryers and other large household appliances. Check our our tutorial on How to Use an Appliance Dolly to learn how to safely secure and transport items with this tool.

Need some help with your move? GoShare delivery professionals are not only available to bring common dolly types, they have other moving equipment as well. They will pad your items with moving blankets and secure them with ratcheting straps to ensure their safety and protection during transit. If you are ready for some assistance in your next move, get a free quote at or on the GoShare app.

But there is more to choosing the right furniture dolly than meets the eye. First of all, you want to make sure the furniture dolly you buy is strong enough to carry the heaviest thing you are going to load onto it.

The point of contact with the load is generally carpeted, or made of plastic or rubber. The type you need depends on what you will be using the furniture dolly for most of the time. If you are literally going to use it to move furniture, then you probably want a carpeted surface to help protect against scratches and scrapes.

But if you are actually going to use your furniture dolly to move equipment, heavy packages, or anything except furniture, you might want to opt for a rubber or plastic surface, which provides a better grip.

Finally, you want to consider how the casters are attached to the furniture dolly itself. Are they bolted into place using thick, secure hardware? Or do they feature plastic poles that snap into place? Obviously, the former are likely to be more durable than the latter.

If you have a particularly complicated move (some boxes going into storage and others to a new house, for example), or you prefer to know exactly where everything is at all times, consider using an organizing app. Some apps, like Encircle, are designed for home inventory but easily work for moving. Or keep track of every box with a tracking app, such as Moving Organizer Lite. If you like, you can also piece together your own tracking system with apps like Evernote.

Our furniture dolly makes moving bulky and heavy furniture, appliances and boxes a breeze. The 3.5" caster wheels with double ball bearings make it easy to move, while the 360 degree swivel feature is great for moving around corners and through tight spots. Our wheels are also gray non-marking so it's safe to use on hardwood floors and tile. The Chicago style movers dolly is rated for a capacity of 1000 lbs.

I picked up these four smallfurniture dollies at Home Depot. They were a special deal, my store no longer has these. I put a scrap piece of wood on each of these small workhorses in order to move this huge table by myself. I would NEVER be able to budge this big ole table without these little guys.

This handle was less than $10, (Amazon is higher, but shipping is included) and worth every penny! It installed on my dolly in no time. After ALL of that time and energy I wasted on the pvc configuration, I happily spent money on this puppy!

The handle folds under the furniture dolly and clips in place for easy storage. I can tell you that since I got it, I have used it a LOT. I will be purchasing another one for another dolly I have. All together I have 4 of the small dollies, and three of these larger ones.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. You know that when I love something, I like to share it with you. IF you do furniture makeovers on a regular basis, do yourself a favor and pick up some furniture dollies. It will save your aching back.

Harbor Freight is my go to now for so many things. I have this handled cart and it works for so many things. In summer I can pull or push all my pots to their locations and my soil and plants. I have loaded it full of gear and my heavy sewing machine from my trunk to indoors where my quilting retreat is held. Always snow on the ground and this saves many trips. I also use it to move heavier things around in my garage. It is sturdy and the handle folds flat to store in small places. My sister borrowed it to move with. Hold many boxes and moves well.

I wish I had a flat place to wheel my furniture projects in and out of. My workshop is in my basement, and the two ways to get there are down the inside staircase or the long way around the outside of our house to the walkout door, through the uneven and hilly yard. ?

Thanks so much for the info about the dollies. I gave up my plans for painting furniture to sell because I couldn't move the heavier pieces around myself, and maybe I'll give it another try now. I think you're really smart to do a dry run on your displays before the show. It looks like it's all going to work great!

I LOVE YOU! The swivel handle is exactly what I need. other dollies have handles that get in the way of the furniture but this one will go up and down and stores under making the dolly super small. All of our Fix A Bra stuff fits in a small SUV so we try to keep a really small dolly but I've been wanting one with a handle so I don't have to bend. AWESOME. These kind of post, while they may not be creative DIYs they are so super helpful! Thanks again.

The simplicity of a furniture dolly makes it versatile enough for items of just about every shape and size, and is great for hauling stacks of boxes too! Long chest of drawers? Tall china hutch? Bulky, heavy armoire? That little 4-wheeler (as many movers call it) can handle it all and then some, allowing you to move your stuff over long distances with minimal effort and strain.

Want one to own? A furniture dolly usually costs somewhere between $20-40, varying slightly depending on how many hundreds of pounds they can hold. (Usually starting around 800 pounds.)

Putting a piece of furniture on a furniture dolly is just that: putting it on. Carefully lift a piece of furniture up and place it to where the furniture dolly is located on the center-most flat surface of the furniture.

Protip: If the top of your dresser has a lip or overhang that extends beyond the surface of the side resting on your dolly, allow that lip to hang over the edge of the dolly so that dresser sits flat and vertical.

Protip: Your furniture has legs? When tipping heavy pieces of furniture with legs, be very aware of the weight of your object. The longer and slimmer the legs, the better chance they will snap under the weight. Whenever possible, grab a friend or two to help keep the weight off those legs as you lower the piece down onto your dolly.

Protip: This same strategy of using plywood, cardboard or a couple of pieces of scrap lumber to create a wide, flat surface is also useful when stacking boxes on your dolly! Or when moving odd-shaped items like exercise machines and pieces of art.

Protip: It should be obvious that furniture dollies are not at all useful anywhere there are stairs involved. It may be tempting to be creative, but believe me, 4-wheelers and staircases do not mix. Grab a friend, or a few, and carry that piece of furniture slowly and carefully.

Heavy-duty dolly carts allow easy movement of heavy objects such as drums, cans, or furniture. We have moving dollies for sale, including hardwood furniture dollies, steel dollies, plastic dollies, and more.

Since 1927, this family owned and operated firm has seen to theindustrial caster and furniture glide needs of the Rocky Mountain West.A large, comprehensive local stock of chair glides, office chaircasters as well as convertible aluminum handtrucks, platform trucks andcarts coupled with a well trained staff assures you speedy service andan excellent chance of finding those hard-to-find items. We also stocksteel hand trucks and aluminum handtrucks from the following vendors: Magliner,RWM and Dutro. From the simplest nail-on-type glides to 40,000pound capacity casters the L. G. Rathbun Company stocks and distributesa full line of glides, casters and non-powered material handlingequipment. 041b061a72


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