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Make Droste Effect Facebook Timeline Cover

To make the effect more realistic, you may want to consider playing with the blend modes of the layers. If you are using the transform again method, then you can adjust the blend modes of the layers after creating the Droste effect. Otherwise, if you're copying the merged images and then manually transforming the image again, you must set the blend mode for the layer at each stage before copying the merged image.

make droste effect facebook timeline cover

The GUI can load an image, set a rectangular region for the effect, apply the Droste Effect, adjust parameters of the effect, and save the final image back to disk. The GUI uses droste_effect.m, which is a stand alone function for applying the Droste Effect.

img_out = droste_effect(img, reg) will apply the Droste Effect to matrix img within the region specified by reg. The img matrix can be 2-D or 3-D, corresponding to a grayscale or RGB image. The reg vector specifies [left, top, width, height] in pixels.

1. The double-mirroring effect created by placing an image within an image and so on, repeating infinitely (infinite regression): for example, the album cover of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma (1969). This is also known as Droste effect.

Maybe a bit cliche, but the idea grabbed me and my son was (somewhat) willing. I first saw this effect used on Pink Floyd's Ummagumma album - released in 1969. I can't imagine how the photographer did it without the help of the computer programs we have today, but then again Pink Floyd always had cool album covers. The name Droste harkens back to the early 1900s when a company named Droste ran an advertisement of a woman carrying a tray with the product on it. Of course the product showed an ad of a woman carrying a tray with the product on it, and so forth.

And nearby in the same hallway was a poster for the movie Creepshow, Stephen King\u2019s homage to the old EC horror comics, illustrated by Jack Kamen. (This poster also makes use of the Droste effect which is a fun thing you can tell your friends about).

.. is there a way to get the droste effect wrap and unwrap the image?it seems that it is either on which creates the twirl or off.I'd like to start from a normal image which will start twirling into the droste effect.Thanks

Escher is awesome and inspired me to use the an old photograph to make the never ending staircase. but droste effect is also clever concept. I usually restore old photos but Escher got me side tracked with his stairs.

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