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Guide To Play Corner Kick Bet in Football Betting

Effective corner kick betting analysis is currently a concern for many gaming enthusiasts. Understanding this corner kick betting method can result in substantial winnings. In the following article, Wintips will provide detailed explanations about corner kick bets and the most accurate methods sure betting tips for analyzing them.

What is a corner kick bet?

A corner kick bet, known in English as Connors, is a form of online betting offered by bookmakers. Players need not worry about the match score; the only thing that matters is the number of corner kicks in the match. With its simple betting process and high profit potential, it has attracted a large number of players.

In this type of bet, players can choose from various betting options, including corner kick handicaps, over/under corner kick bets, corner kick 1×2 bets, odd/even corner kicks, team corner kicks, and the first team to receive a corner kick. The odds for these bets vary depending on the likelihood of their occurrence in a specific match.

Most players place corner kick bets based on intuition, but few actually research and carefully study corner kick statistics before each bet, leading to many losses.

The most accurate method for analyzing corner kick bets

The diversity of corner kick bets provides players with more options for betting. Below are the types of corner kick bets that players can participate in:

Over/Under corner kick bets

In analyzing over/under corner kick bets, players predict the number of corner kicks that may occur in a match, over or under a certain threshold. Placing an over bet means there will be more corner kicks than the number specified by the bookmaker, while an under bet means there will be fewer corner kicks.

This method of analyzing corner kick bets is favored and chosen by many gaming enthusiasts because it offers a high chance of winning.

Usually, these bets occur throughout the entire match or during the second half. To win these bets, players need to understand information about both teams, the nature of the match, home advantage, as well as the teams' head-to-head history. With this information, players can make accurate predictions.

Handicap corner kick bets

For analyzing handicap corner kick bets, players apply handicap odds similar to Asian Handicap betting. Then, players choose the team giving and receiving the handicap. The result is determined by the number of corner kicks each team currently has.

Furthermore, the outcome of this bet depends on the odds set by the bookmaker during the match. Therefore, players need to stay vigilant and regularly monitor the fluctuation of odds provided by bookmakers. Additionally, players need to have a solid understanding of both teams to make the most accurate predictions.

Corner kick odd-even betting

The odd-even corner kick betting method best betting tips app is currently evaluated by many as the easiest betting type to play. When playing this bet, players only need to predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the entire match is odd or even to start placing bets.

In the case of betting on even corners and the result is an even number, the player will win. Conversely, if betting on odd corners and the total number of corners in the match is odd, the player will win, and vice versa. Therefore, for newcomers to football betting, this is the type of bet to learn and accumulate experience for more challenging types.

1×2 corner kick betting

The method of analyzing 1×2 corner kick betting is quite similar to Asian handicap betting. In the 1×2 corner kick bet, there will be three main options for players to choose from: win, draw, and lose. The bookmakers will offer different odds for players. Then, players will base their predictions on these odds.

Tips for newcomers when betting on corner kicks

Some tips for players when playing corner kick bets are as follows:

Reputable bookmakers usually offer corner kick bets within the first 8 minutes.

Corner kick bets can have odds of 1 to 100.

There will be matches without any corner kicks. Therefore, there are some bets that players should avoid.

Maintain a calm and relaxed mindset when participating in betting.

Control your capital well to avoid heavy losses.

Players need to thoroughly research information about the two teams participating in the match.

Join betting forums to exchange and learn the most effective corner kick betting experiences.

Analyzing corner kick odds based on team strength:

Understanding the strength of both teams is important when betting on any type of bet. If both teams tend to attack, the stronger team usually has more corner kicks.

Strategy for analyzing bets based on time intervals:

Monitoring the match's progress from the first minute to the sixth minute can provide important information. If there are early corner kicks, there is a high chance that there will be many corner kicks in the match.

Evaluate the home team's playing field:

Weak home teams usually have fewer opportunities to attack and therefore fewer corner kicks. Conversely, stronger away teams often create more opportunities and have a higher number of corner kicks.

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With all the information in the above article, hopefully, it will help you understand how to accurately analyze corner kick bets. This is an ideal form of betting for those who love football betting. However, players need to regularly learn from experienced bettors on our website to achieve victory.


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