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Vodou Money Magic Pdf Free !EXCLUSIVE!

A Marxist/Luddite distaste for business was combined later with Eastern asceticism as Theosophy, Vedantism, and other movements brought Buddhist and Hindu ideas of renunciation to Victorian and Edwardian occulture. Since these movements were largely the provenance of the moneyed classes, there was an accompanying disdain for too-obvious ambition. Wealth magic was low sorcery: it showed greed and, worse, that the magician needed money.

Vodou Money Magic Pdf Free

TO PRACTICE VODOU EFFECTIVELY, we need to learn how to think like Vodouisants. To do this, we first need to understand how their attitudes and preconceptions differ from our own. effective money magic is more than cryptic words and gestures; it involves overcoming our negative, dysfunctional behaviors and ideas. We may wish to follow a sanitized, whitewashed version of Vodou that lets us do the spells while holding onto all of our cherished ethical tenets and soothing myths. But we will have more success if we explore Vodou honestly, taking it not as we wish it were but, instead, as it is. in doing so, we may find ourselves faced with some important, if uncomfortable, questions about our own lives and ideals.


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